Typing With A Purpose

My First Post

Wow. My first blog post. I find it empowering that people are actually going to be reading my ideas on a larger scale than my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts. I’ve always had a lot of opinions. I’ve always voiced myself on whatever platform given to me because, truthfully, it eats me up inside if I don’t get it out.

I would hate to say that I am an expert on life or that I have all the answers because that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What I would love to say is that I’m young, and although I don’t have all the knowledge, experience or wisdom in the world, I do recognize that I have the freedom and desire to share my thoughts on such a platform.  For many, many months I have considered creating a blog site, podcast, YouTube channel or any other platform I could use to express myself. I hadn’t been able to decide what I wanted to use or how I wanted to put my ideas out there until tonight. Honestly, many people from college has used WordPress and I’ve read their posts and realized how incredibly simple and user friendly WordPress was going to be.

I am super excited about creating this blog. There are two internet domains that were created with my website. The two names are “TypingWithAPurpose” and “YouthfulMusings.”

TypingWithAPurpose was one of the domains I selected in order to remind myself that this is a responsibility and a privilege. Not all people my age have this ability and I chose that domain to put myself in check. I hope I never allow myself to go on stupid rants or nonsense writing streaks and use this blog irresponsibly. I hope to type with a purpose every time I create a post.

YouthfulMusings is the other domain I created in order to remind others that I am a youth. I don’t have all the answers or lots of experience or years of wisdom. So, I hope this is a reminder to those older than me that I am still very young. I’m not 15 but I’m also a 22-year-old adult legally single with no children. Please go easy on me and remember that this blog site is occupied with the musings of a youth.

With Love,
Angela Maria.


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