Disregarded Youth

You know how I told you guys my posts are about the musings of a youth? I’ve had this one thought I’ve been mulling over for months. The thought is this: people disregard my perspective and voice because of my age.

There are so many instances where people have written me or my peers off because of how young we look or because of our age. I think of times my boyfriend and I weren’t taken seriously in stores or restaurants, how parents don’t take my educational advice seriously, or when adults in general interrupt my perspective in order to say “I know you haven’t experienced very much but this is how life works…” and then continue telling me a story completely disregarding the fact that I had been speaking in the first place.

One time my boyfriend at the time and I were walking around in Sears price checking refrigerators and ovens. As we walked around the home goods section there was a man handing out flyers for home repairs. He handed out flyers to literally everyone in the store and as we neared him he began his pitch, looked us in the face, and said “oh forget it you’re too young.” Angel and I are both VERY opinionated and vocal individuals… So we  had to let the guy know we make enough money to afford anything he has to sell and to not underestimate us. As we walked away we discussed how annoying it is for people to just brush us off because of how young we look. It also goes without saying, that was also quite unprofessional of him.

Another time I wasn’t taken seriously was when I was trying to speak to a parent about her child hitting another kid. I watched the whole thing happen. But the end resulted in the parent accusing me of lying and accusing me of making it all up. Crazy, right?

A more recent instance was when I was shopping for a car. I did so much research before I even stepped into a dealership. But the salesmen kept asking me if I wanted to come back with a man. I was annoyed. I came back with my boyfriend a few days later and he answered our questions, walked us around, and tried to close a deal in less than an hour. Part of my thought process was that he wasn’t trying to take advantage of me and wanted me to have guidance, but since I knew what I wanted and had done the research I was only annoyed.

My final and most frustrating experiences are when the adults who have watched me grow up disregard my opinions and my perspectives. Often times there are situations that arise that bring on heavy conversations. I’ve grown up with very opinionated people so I’ve become opinionated, as well. However, people act as if I don’t know what I’m talking about. People act as if I’m too young to understand all the trials of life. People don’t take my struggles seriously because they’re not as tough as other people’s struggles.

Sadly, I’m not taken as seriously as my perspective and reputation lead me to be. Sadly, people don’t take young people seriously. I’m not the only one my age who feels this way. Many of my peers have expressed the same feelings as me.  It’s sad. It’s discouraging. But it also makes it so much more refreshing when I meet people who DO take me seriously.  Meeting people who find my perspective refreshing and energetic makes me refreshed and energetic.  People who take me seriously encourage me to learn and mature. So, if you’re one of those people who don’t take young people seriously…give us a chance. We might surprise you.

With love,

Angela Maria


3 thoughts on “Disregarded Youth

  1. Well, older people think they know everything plus they tend to disrespect people who are younger. I’m plus 50 and I try very hard not to be that way. Plus women know everything (sarcasm) so SN older woman can be a head ache. Your situation about the parent not believing you is typical with today’s parents. It is very frustrating.
    Stay Strong, stay encouraged.


  2. Great post and very true! Is it true that sometimes younger people whose only experience with “life problems” is having to cut cable blow problems out of proportion? Absolutely. But, like adults, we are all individuals, so younger people who do attempt to understand reality and form opinions based on solid information instead of lies they feed themselves do deserve to be taken seriously. Just as we can and should benefit from the experience of older generations, they can benefit from our perspectives as well. Great blog, keep writing!


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