The Importance Of ME Time

The importance of ME time. 

Okay, I know you’re one of those people who are in one of two mindsets. You’re either in the mindset of “yeah right when would I ever get me time” or in the other mindset where you’re thinking “I spend enough time alone.” 

Well, here’s an answer for the both of you. To you who’s thinking ‘yeah right when could I ever get free time,’ I’m sorry. I’m sorry you’re so bombarded with life, responsibility, and people depending on you that you feel guilty or wrong for seeking personal time. I want to let you know it’s okay to take care of yourself and you deserve some time for yourself.

For you who think ‘I spend enough time alone why would I need me time,’ I’m going to assume the quality of your alone time is spent wallowing in self-pity or shoulda coulda woulda what if moments. I will also assume that maybe you just don’t have people around, your friends never actually invite you out, or you can’t relate to what other people do for recreational time. I want to let you know that life is too short for those kind of excuses and it’s okay explore your options and step outside your comfort zone.

ME time is different than being alone. The differences between ME time and alone time is quality.  

Being alone means “The house is empty and I’m gonna sit and watch TV/Netflix  because there’s nothing else to do,.” “I’m going to eat lunch alone because I don’t know the people I work with like that,.” “I’m going to go to the store by myself again because no one is ever available to help me.” “I’m just going to sit in my bed and scroll Instagram.” 

ME time is “I’m going to take myself to the gym so I can work on my fitness.” “I’m going to go to the library and search for a new book to read because I love reading and I haven’t sat down and read a book since high school/college.” “I’m going to get my hair done or my nails done to feel refreshed.” “I’m going to a car meet to inspire car ideas for my own wheels.” “I’m going for a run to relieve some stress and feel nice.” “I’m going to a movie by myself because I want to see that new movie and I’m confident to go alone.” “I”m going to volunteer because I love helping others.”

ME time is purposed for reflection, relaxation, treating yourself, or creating personal goals for moving upward or taking care of yourself. 

The reason I chose to write a blog on this is because I’ve noticed that my own mindset has changed. Many people my age think being alone is a bad thing and  unfortunately running in a Christian circle makes unmarried under 30s seem like a failure if they haven’t found a husband, aren’t dating, or don’t have children.

But I’m here to make a stand and say work on yourself! 

This week I went to Arizona all by myself for a business trip. I flew by myself, I stayed in a room by myself, and I commuted to and from my activities all by myself. I didn’t know a single person at that conference I had attended so the first hours I spent alone…until I started to get to know the people around me. The people at that conference were mostly owners of their Day Care centers so I didn’t really have a lot to connect with them. I had to go out of my comfort zone to get conversations going with the people around me.

It would have been so easy for me to feel sorry for myself. I could have been miserable that I was alone in my hotel room for all those hours. I could have been angry that my boss sent me to a place with people I didn’t know. I could have been sorry for myself that I had to sit around in the airport for hours before it was time for my flight.

I’m thankful I had all that time to myself. I had so much time to just rest. I watched hours of HGTV which is one of my favorite channels and I never get to watch. I loved being able to just sit back and watch in complete silence! If I could insert a smiley emoji to accurately depict my feeling of comfort I would. Being in the airport by myself allowed me to have some silly conversations with strangers, get to know their experience, and even discover places and people we both knew! If I was constantly with someone on my trip I’d have to share the remote. I wouldn’t have gotten to know some of the awesome owners because I would’ve been chatting with that person instead of getting to know the people around me.

I gained appreciation for aspects of my own life. I realized things and came to certain conclusions that I wouldn’t have gotten to if I wasn’t all alone. I’m thankful for my time away. I’m thankful for the opportunity. And I guess my point is that I think everyone should take time to themselves and evaluate their values and perspectives every once in a while.

Go read a series, go take a class, go volunteer anywhere, go babysit and make some extra cash, go to the gym and push your limits, literally DO something. 

Sitting around all day wallowing in your singleness,loneliness, business, or whateverness does nothing but depress and repress individuals. Even if your life is full of individuals and craziness take time for yourself. Be strong. Be your own person. Learn who you are. Find your values. Understand your convictions. What makes you furious? What makes you passionate? What makes you smile? What makes you appreciative? What can you be thankful for? What can you work on?

ME time is the difference between taking life by the horns versus letting yourself be pummeled by the bull. 

Think of it as personal freedom. If you have children or whatever take time to love yourself. Yeah I don’t relate to your business but YOU MATTER! Your emotional state matters. And only you can truly take care of yourself. So GO DO. Make the time not the excuses.

With love, 

Angela Maria


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